Jesus Loves Movement are a people that love God, who believe that God is about to move again in a way that would see a billion-soul harvest. We believe that a real key to this great harvest of hearts is going to be unity.

“Gods people coming together and working together for the sake of their neighbours and loved ones.”

We are working with nations, cities and towns to unite Gods children missionally, to reach their people (nation, town or city) through an evangelistic campaign. The end goal of this campaign is to reach every home for Jesus.

MATTHEW 9: 37 – 38


John 17:21-24 states twice, that the World will know Jesus is Gods Son because we are One. Our unity and love for one another will see our labours become effective and fruitful. Many people are working hard to share the gospel and make disciples, however because of our lack of unity, we are bearing very little fruit.

Christianity has been on a decline for many decades. However, the good news is that as we start to overcome what holds us back from
unity, then we will see our labours become fruitful; our churches overflowing and our communities transformed with the love of God.


God is giving us a New Heart to overcome traditions, systems, and doctrines which have kept us divided, for the sake of those who need His gospel love. Its not to say that the journey of unity will be easy, but this missional unity can only be achieved if we humble ourselves and prefer each other.

You may have heard the saying to “reach the lost at any cost”. Its going to cost us to work together, but we will reach the lost more effectively. Ultimately its going to take a love that puts others first, overcomes fear (lack of unity) and is willing to die for the lost.

Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone, but if it dies, it bears much fruit.
John 12:24


To aid in the Town and Cities Campaign initiative we are raising a support to purchase a Gospel Event Production outfit. 

Click here to find out more about the Gospel Truck Vision.

Launch Day Highlights

Dec 1 - 2018