Campaign Overview

The Bible and history tell us that cities are rapidly transformed when Gods people will come together, pray and then proclaim Jesus – the more unity and preparation, the greater the impact. Australia has seen city-wide transformation through united gospel campaigns in Melbourne in 1902, and again in Sydney in 1959. Both these moves transformed the city for many years.

We are creating a space for the Body of Christ to come together, pray and prepare together, and then proclaim Jesus to a lost generation. In Australia currently, we have over 20 million people that don’t know Jesus, and in Sydney over 4 million.  We are living among a dark, hopeless, loveless, dying and lost generation. There is only one hope and that is Jesus Christ. He has entrusted us to be that light to them and so now it is time to come together and shine Jesus in this current darkness.

The Jesus loves Australia gospel campaign is engineered to unite, equip and mobilize the Body of Christ to be light and salt.  If we work together to see this happen then we will see our nation to come back to Jesus. All the events are designed to see this revival and our nation become the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.

Launch Day Highlights

Dec 1 - 2018