How You Can Get Involved

We exist to see local congregations overflowing with new believers.  The main reason we want to partner with churches is to see you “adopt” the new believers.  The next way we can help is by inspiring and training your congregation to evangelise.  An evangelistic community is typically a growing community.


We want to see Australia transformed by the love of God.  This will start on our knees.  If you want to be notified of the prayer needs and join the prayer team then please fill out that checkbox on the volunteers/leaders form here.  We are running 3 prayer initiatives.

Firstly, we invite you to join us as we join with other international ministries at 7am, 12pm, and 7pm each day to pray for the nations and the lost.  We set our alarms on our phones and pause for 1-2 minutes, at those times, to lift up people to Jesus.

Secondly, we gather weekly on a Monday evening at 7pm to pray for and prepare for the upcoming event.  If you would like the details on this meeting please email us at

Thirdly, we meet out the front of Qudos Bank Arena each Saturday at 7am to start to pray for the event, revival and harvest.  Please join us.  You can email us to notify us you are coming so we can look out for you.

Invite & Promote

For all partnering churches, we have resources to engage your congregation to invite out their loved ones who do not have a relationship with Jesus yet.  There are downloadable videos and advertisements that can be included in newsletters.  Check out our Resources page here.

You can also email us and we will send posters and/or flyers –

Adopting New Believers

We are looking for churches to adopt new believers on the night of the event.  Churches can run our 45 minute course (run by one of our facilitators) that wil teach on discipleship, methods, best practice and lessons learnt.  Alternatively you can run your own training and provide a list of approved “adopters”.

Pastors & Leaders Vision Nights

We are hosting a vision night where you can come and hear more about the event and how to get ready. This is great if you are a church and want to get involved, or for individuals who want to help with discipleship, evangelism or in the event itself.

Evangelism Training

We have an amazingly effective training one of our leaders can run in your church.  You can see a prelude to that training at .  That training is a 45 min session followed by 45 minutes practice in the community. 

Invest Financially

We are asking all believers if they would invest in the cause of the gospel going to our cities and our nation.  We are investing in the the future of Christianity in our nation, for the generations to come.  We encourage believers and churches to seek God in what amount to give. Giving is not a requirement for participation.  We believe that the gospel should be free, that’s why we don’t have an entrance fee.  The suggested ways you can financially invest are: 

  1. Partner at $5 per person per month (between $5 – $10 depending on your financial freedom). For example, a church of 100 people could donate $500 – $1000 per month.
  2. We encourage churches to take up a special missions offering for the Jesus Loves Australia event.


We see our volunteers as leaders.  There are so many teams that need leaders or people with a heart to serve Jesus: hosting team, evangelism leaders, adopters, children’s ministry, production, accreditation and security, delegate relations, logistics, worship and other niche ways where you can use your gifts to serve the Lord.  If you are interested or can can help lead this event – please sign up here.