A Key to Greater Fruitfulness

Jesus says, “Abide in me, and I in you, that you may bear much fruit”. He goes on to pray, “Father I pray that they would be one as You and I are One”.  Just as abiding (remaining) in Christ brings us into greater levels of fruitfulness, being one with

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Do not be afraid! I am with you.

In perilous times of a global epidemic, it can be a great source of inspiration to draw from Gods Word and others who went through suffering.  In the Bible there is perhaps none greater than Job, for this.The story of Job is about a righteous man who lived long ago. 

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Why people are being saved everywhere?

Nothing breaks my heart more than when I hear of a church that isn’t growing or when people tell me that people aren’t responsive to the gospel.  This has not been my experience.  People everywhere are coming to the Lord all the time.  There is a hunger to hear a

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For Australia to come back to Jesus… (part two)

1959 – A time of national revival In 1959, Billy Graham came to Australia and New Zealand to spend 4 months touring and preaching the gospel.  He did 114 meetings in 106 days [2].  This tour became known as the greatest moment of revival history in our nation.  To this

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For Australia to come back to Jesus… (part one)

In 1901, when Australia took the Federation census, 96.1% of Australians said that they were Christian.  Fast forward to 1916, and in this most recent census, 52.2% of the nation declared they were Christian.  During the last census period, we lost 10% and if that decline rate only steadied (didn’t

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