Why people are being saved everywhere?

Nothing breaks my heart more than when I hear of a church that isn’t growing or when people tell me that people aren’t responsive to the gospel.  This has not been my experience.  People everywhere are coming to the Lord all the time.  There is a hunger to hear a gospel that is relevant.

For the last 7 decades in Australia, overall church attendance has been on a decline.  We need to do something different, something must change if we are to see this decline rate turn around.  Having said this, we are so thankful for the numerous dedicated ministry leaders and pastors pouring out their lives for God and His people.  We are very grateful for what everyone is doing, but this doesn’t negate the need to change how we are doing it.  The gospel is the power of God unto salvation.

80% of born-again Australians came to the Lord through a revelation of His goodness; heaven, peace, joy, freedom, hope or love.  Only 20% came to the Lord through the fear of the Lord.  When I hear people preaching the gospel it normally has a fear of the Lord angle.  This is important and part of the gospel, but it is a part that the Australian public have largely grown deaf too.

What if there was another side to the gospel that they are hungry for – what if they are hungry for a relationship with God, to know their created purpose and the meaning behind it all?

I believe there is a hunger for this and as we preach it, we see the welcoming response.  That doesn’t mean we negate sin and forgiveness, it just means that people have mostly already heard that message in Australia and it hasn’t convicted them. It’s now time to feed them food to satisfy their hunger.

At Jesus Loves Australia we have developed the message that creates a hunger for knowing God, into a simple evangelistic tool called the “two hearts gospel tool”.  You can see the tool and the training at www.twoheartsgospel.com

If you contact us, one of our facilitators can run training in your church, followed by a demonstration and practice session (out in the public).  This goes for about 2 hours.  However, this tool has been developed so that anyone can learn by watching the free training video on the website.